04 April 2013

Interesting, In Depth Article On The Who Killed Spikey Jacket? Movement/New Mailorder Page Announcement

Somedays You Kill Spikey Jacket, Somedays Spikey Jacket Kills You.

I am down to about 50 or so Who Killed Spikey Jacket? "s/t" LPs.
They are still available for $8 wholesale/$12 retail.
I am currently into the over-run* of a 1000 unit pressing. There are no current plans to re-press this record.

*when records are pressed there is about a 10% over-run of a pressing (ie: 500 records = about 550 records, 1000 records = about 1100 records)
Retail orders please consider checking out my new mailorder shop:

Be sure to check back at the new blog often as I have many new foreign and domestic titles coming in!
As well as new events and projects!


p.s. Please help spread the word!

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