11 September 2014

Update: New Releases, Tom and Boot Boys LIVE in Boston &more!

What have you been up to?

FUCKER009 - TBA - ep - Status Unknown - co-release with Loud Punk

FUCKER010 - TBA - lp - At Press - co-release with Smash Arts

FUCKER011 -  Tom and Boot Boys - "Who Wants Panties?" ep co-release with Pogo and Cry
US show-only ep limited to 300. 
82 to be given away in NYC on October 10th 2014
82 to be given away in Boston on October 11th 2014



Other releases are at various stages of production.
Keep checking back!
LAST remaining copies of 
Primitive Pact - Injustice ep co-release with Nightrider Records are still available.
contact: PantyHuffingHardcore@gmail for wholesale inquiries.
and remember…
All IN STOCK Total Fucker Records releases are available from:

Cheers Fuckers!