04 December 2012

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? "s/t" 12" MAXI-EP

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? - "s/t" 12" MAXI-EP
9 track Maxi-EP of sing-a-long, Pogo Punk from BOSTON,USA! For fans of UK82, POGO77 Records & early US Street Punk!
With such hit tracks as "SPIKE YOUR HAIR WITH BEER", "ADHESIVE LUNG", "PIGS IN BONDAGE" and title-track "WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?"! Featuring a glimpse at Who Killed Spikey Jacket's more sensitive side with "LEATHER LOVES STUDS" & 4 more previously un-released Modern Punk Classics!
Hand stamped center labels on 45rpm, 12", 145 gram colour vinyl with FULL color 8 page insert with a pull-out poster!
Mastered at Enormous Door by Jack Control
Cover Art by Rufio The Punk 

Who Killed Spikey Jacket? - "s/t" 12" Maxi-EP
"Standard Issue"* currently available in person in the Boston Area and Mailorder for $12USD plus shipping.
Contact for shipping rates.
Wholesale is available for $8USD plus shipping.
"Standard Issue" of 700 on PINK vinyl with hand stamped center labels and FULL color glossy insert with a poster!
300 on Black, 100 Band copies with Armband, 50 Euro copies with Alternate armband.


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