25 May 2017

Fucker Ain't Dead. NEWS and UPDATES

Looks like it's been just over 2 fucking years since I last updated this page...

Here's what's new:

Upcoming flexi disc releases in the works for Boston Raw Punk upstarts:
and Dark Hardcore Punk from Bandung, Indonesia:
Dystopian Dog

As well as some soon to be announced releases in the works...

Recently Released and still available:

FUCKER014 Video Filth/Mutant Itch - "split" EP
Boston Hardcore Paranoia Punk meets Fresno Noise Punk Mutants.
Co-release with Dark Raids Label - Fresno, Kalifornia.
300 Black vinyl
200 Clear
120 Tour press with alternate cover
Wholesale: $4USD

FUCKER009 The Epidemic - "Losing Control" EP
UK82 from Helltown. Drawing comparison to Conflict and Icons Of Filth. Due to various technical set backs this release was delayed for years. Finally made available as of 2015 by Loud Punk Records and co-released by Total Fucker. Members went on to join/form: Social Circkle, Cinderblock, Sadist, amongst others.
RIP Frado 
??? on Clear vinyl with Blue/Yellow splatter
??? on Black vinyl

FUCKER012 Who Killed Spikey Jacket? - "Who Killed Spikey Jacket" LP
Original document. Repress with all new artwork. Hand stenciled packaging and assorted coloured inserts. No two the same.
500 on Blue vinyl
Wholesale: $10USD

Sadist w/Bombings - "The Shadow Of The Swastika" EP
Repress of debut Sadist ep.
100 "Coke Bottle Sodomy" edition. Coke Bottle/Red speckled vinyl with red insert. Red splattered covers. Band copies.
400 Red vinyl. Standard edition.

All in press Total Fucker Records titles are available from:
867 Broadway.
Brooklyn, Nuke York
(in the back of the alley)

Contact: for all wholesale inquiries, demo submissions, promo requests or any other questions/comments/inquiries.
Non-Total Fucker records titles also available for wholesale.
Updates coming soon.

Anok & Piss Off
- Total Fucker Records

26 February 2015

Total Fucker Records NEW Release: DESTROY POSERTON!!

FUCKER010/Smash Arts 001 - v/a - "DESTROY POSERTON" lp


14 diverse tracks of unknown Punk and Hardcore bands compiled by Rufio of Life Is Posers.
Tracks from:

The Extorted
Burden of Humanity
Kids of Alright
Scarlet Wraith
Proper Lads
Shamshire Boys
Nikibi Zura
Poor Convictions
The Opposers
The Bratty Attitudes

Housed in a pocket sleeve with original artwork from Rufio the Punk. Comes with a 14 page booklet including artwork/lyrics from each of the bands and comes with 1 of 4 screen printed beer bags based of the Life Is Posers comic series.
400 on Black
100 on RED

Individual orders are available from LIFE IS POSERS at:

For wholesale inquiries contact Total Fucker Records directly at: 

21 November 2014


"I DO!! I DO!!"
"Me too!!!"

Tom and Boot Boys - "Who Wants Panties?" ep
Co-release with Pogo & Cry Records (NYC)

Limited pressing of 300 copies of one unreleased track and 2 Pogo Punk classics from Japan's masters of Pogo Punk- Tom and Boot Boys! pressed for their 2014 weekend of gigs in NYC and Boston.

82 copies were given away at each gig. Remaining copies are available in the Boston area or direct from: